20 Years of Programming

Exactly 20 years back today, in August 2001, I started learning ASP.NET with C#. The .NET framework was launched that earlier that year, and I was really excited coding my first Hello World program in C#.

Back then there was no high quality programming resource like StackOverflow that solves your queries within minutes, and most of us had to rely on MSDN documentation (a hell hole in itself) or the official ASP.NET forums that had bare participation.

20 years later, I am learning the new Blazor WebAssembly on ASP.NET Core platform. It is a complete paradigm shift, and I am really excited because I was waiting for something like WebAssembly, allowing us to run web apps within the browser simulating desktop app like behavior. And now we have sites like StackOverflow and Udemy.com with a lot of courses, questions & answers and programming resources allowing us to learn and become an expert quickly! But I do feel nostalgic as well as excited that even after 20 years, I still have the willingness to learn something new and passion for coding for my next startup.


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