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20 Years of Programming

Exactly 20 years back today, in August 2001, I started learning ASP.NET with C#. The .NET framework was launched that earlier that year, and I was really excited coding my first Hello World program in C#. Back then there was no high quality programming resource like StackOverflow that solves your queries within minutes, and most […]

Quantum mechanics comes out of the sub-atomic world

Few days back I had my own version of the classic “I told you so!” moment. And as expected it had to do with Quantum Mechanics and Chaos Theory, so I am quite excited to write something about it :). Here is my story: ask any theoretical physicist out there, and he (on some rare […]

Katla Eruption will overshadow the junior Icelandic volcano

Since late March 2010, southern Iceland’s “junior” volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier has been spewing tonnes of volcanic material throwing air traffic though Europe to chaos and threatening to cause long term damage to the environment and weather not only in Iceland but to far flung areas in Western Europe and possibly the rest of […]

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