Triumph Daytona 675R Review: India

No matter how cliched it might sound, but I always dreamt of owning and riding a super bike since the time I saw my first MotoGP race when I was 14 years old. Of course at that time I didn’t know the basics and what goes with riding a supersports machine, but it was a dream. A dream which didn’t fizzle out with age. My other biker-lover friends were sometimes confused when deciding on what to buy. A cruiser, a sportster, a tourer, a street bike or a super sports? But I always had laser vision: super sports and that too a Daytona 675R.

It took me a lot of years of handwork and persistence of my passion to save enough money to buy my dream super bike. I bought it from the Delhi dealership, and wanted the delivery on my birthday. Sadly there was not even a single 675R in stock, and the dealer told me I had to wait for 4 months to get bike.

Meanwhile my friend had already bought a red 675 (standard model) which I used to ride sometimes, and the awesome engine and power delivery only fuelled my curiosity on how a 675R would feel with top end Ohlins coupled with mono-bloc Brembos, and a slipper clutch with triumph quick shifter was a great deal. And I always wanted my bike in white, a white 675R was like a perfect dream come true for me.

Daytona 675R

Few weeks before the delivery, I prepped myself and got some riding gear:

  1. Alpinestar mesh jacket
  2. DSG Proton jacket (spare jacket when the first one goes for dry cleaning)
  3. Alpinestar GTPlus leather gloves
  4. Alpinestar knee guards

On the day of the delivery, I realised that my 675R is the first one to be sold in North India (as there is only one dealership). Not something to brag about but a fun fact for me 🙂

Few points on the ride till date (I will keep updating this blog as I ride more):

1. Arrows (slip-on) are a must-have: the lighter weight after removing the standard exhaust is worth the cost, plus the raw sound of Arrows slipon is mind blowing!

2. I did not like the standard brake and clucth levers, and ordered Pazzo foldable levers (17K) in red color with black adjusters. Note that 675R has different levers when compared with the 675 because of the Brembos at the front.

3. Do not ride a super sports without knowing the technicalities on how to become a better rider. I recommend this book (another must have): Sport Riding Techniques by Nick Ienatsch. This book has helped me a lot!


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