Rosemary hospitality private limited-a fraud builder

Rosemary Hospitality private limited (Palm Floors Gurgaon): A fraud builder

Builders in India, due to lax regulations and audits, can get away with anything and usually fleece their customers to the maximum. I had my share of bad experiences with Rosemary Hospitality Pvt Ltd, builder who makes builder floors by the name of Palm Floors in Gurgaon, Harayana.

I bought a second floor from them for my parents, the sample which they showed looked all nice and well structured. My parents liked it too and we were ready for the downpayment needed for the booking. But I did the mistake of my life when I handed over the downpayment check to them. Initially their sales guy, Nitin, used to call me daily coaxing me to book it asap. They were diligently regular asking me to pay the pending amount and making sure that I paid huge interest even if the pending amount gets delayed by just a week. But once we made all the payments, it was literally hard to catch them and discuss our concerns, which were a LOT in number. To start with:

1. The construction quality is extremely poor. This we realized when started fitting curtain rods and air conditioners and had to make holes in the walls. It was almost as if the whole wall was coming off! The whole structure used to vibrate even if someone climbed up the stairs. 

2. Plenty of leakage issues. The internal plumbing and piping material was of very low standard. Even little bit of winter rains caused leakages in all rooms. no waterproofing was done.

3. Poor painting material. Paint started coming off the walls within weeks. Also the fittings and fixtures were sub-standard. All geysers started leaking the moment we started pressure pump. Infact pressure pump brought out a lot of issues with the weak and poor quality of pipes and pumbing work done by this builder.

4. Extremely bad customer support system: we made complaints, and we got assurances (from certain Mr Choubey who was the head contractor) that the paint job will be done again in 10-15 days. Days passed into months and then later we were told they cannot do it. We are asking too much from them! We were literally shocked to see their rude behaviour.

5. For any minor customizations, like getting a water pump fixed, they charged exhorbitant amounts. They said do not get outside plumbers as they don’t know the internal pipe fittings, we will do the job for you. But the cost was almost 10 times than what we were quoted by outside plumbers. And they literally forced us to get the job done through them as they would offer no support to the outside plumbers/electricians making work difficult for them.

6. Their director, Mr Ranjeet, is extremely rude and a cheat. He promised us a lot of things, but then later backed out saying he never made any promises. It was our fault that we couldn’t record his statements.

7. Our first floor neighbours were also tormented by the same builder. They told us that Ranjeet charged them Rs 25,000 for each Split AC point (which you can normally get done for only Rs 4000). They paid Rs 75,000 for 3 such points and after a month those points stopped functioning altogether. They called Ranjeet to get it fixed, and he simply refused!

In a nutshell, I would strongly advise potential buyers to not even try Rosemary Hospitality builders. They are one of the bad, if not worst, builders in Gurgaon and if you want to save yourself from headaches it is better to stay away from them. 

************** UPDATE: 1st October 2012 **********
Anyone reading this blog. please read the comments from another buyer “Seemant” below. Here are some pics from my house, just to show you the extent of poor construction by Rosemary Hospitality:

Comments made on old blog post (I took screenshot because I was not able to move the comments to my new website):


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