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Acqua Level (Techno Devices): Worst water level indicator in Delhi | Personal Website : Vivek Thakur

Acqua Level (Techno Devices): Worst water level indicator in Delhi

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In most areas of Delhil, people switch on motors in their home to fill in their water tanks. This can lead to a lot of water wastage when the tank is full but the motor is not switched off. There are many water level indicator machine vendors who supply indicator machines with auto switch on and off capability to reduce this wastage.

I had installed Acqua Level (Techno Devices) after finding them from local Yellow Pages, the details of which are mentioned below

Aqua Level (Techno Devices WL)

Phone Number: 9818855710

That was the biggest mistake of my life. I did not realize I just paid 5K INR for a low quality Chinese water level indicator which would trouble me for the next 1 year. The indicator worked perfectly fine for one month, but after that it started giving troubles. Sometimes the timer failed, sometimes the sensors malfunctioned and other times the wiring was faulty.

But the worst part was that there was a single person, Mr Suresh, to handle these complaints, so the service was pathetic. He used to reach my home 2-3 days after making a complaint and used to charge for every visit even when the product was in warranty. Then even after paying so much for the machines, he insisted on replacing the timer with a brand new one saying they have no warranty!

I was shocked, I told him he should have shared this information before buying. Finally after almost a year of nagging issues, I am replacing this junk acqua level Techno Devices indicator with some other better machines with good service.

My advice to everyone: never buy any acqua level indicator from Mr Suresh of Techno Devices.

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