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Dawar Open World: A short review

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*** UPDATE ***

Thanks to Mr Naresh from Dawar Open World, my problem was finally resolved after two months. I gave them feedback on my experience and he assured me that action will be taken against Mr Manjeet (technical manager) and Manoj, heading the 3rd party outsourced installation team which messed up the installation process in the first place. Mr Naresh assured me that Dawar Open World will make sure this does not happen with any other customer in future.


In today's world where competitors are vying for every slice of customer's attention, it is really unfortunate that we have some businesses taking customers for granted and making a fool of them with pathetic after-sales support. Dawar Open World, a consumer electronics chain based in NCR Delhi, is one such eletronics dealer. 

The story started when I bought 2 Sharp air-conditioners from Dawar Open World, MG Road, Gurgaon. Before my purchase, the salesman there, Mr Naveen and Mr Sunil, went to extra length to give me assurances of Dawar post-sales customer care and their fast installation process. Sharp is a known brand in air-conditioners, and given the close proximity of the MG Road shop of Dawars, I decided to go ahead and buy two air conditioners from them. Little did I know that my next 3 months would become a cat and mouse game chasing Dawar's customer support for major issues in both ACs.

I realized this later that Dawar has their own technical team which installs ACs and cater to the customer support. Sharp technical support told me that since I bought the ACs from Dawar Open World, Sharp's team cannot service them as they have some contract with Dawar where Dawar will provide technical support for first 6 months of the purchase. The first rude shock was when the Dawar's installation team came to setup the ACs. First: they were late, and I had to keep calling the sales guy Mr Naveen every day just to make sure they come and install the ACs.

Secondly, the four persons who came to install the ACs seemed technically incompetent to handle the installation. They were fumbling, confused and even damaged my walls by creating big gaping holes to setup the ACs. Note that I had already done the inside wall wiring and cabling for ACs, still they managed to mess up my walls. Secondly, they fixed ACs sloping to one side on the wall, and I had to argue with them to make sure they align the units properly. Next, they wanted to charge extra for cabling saying it took extra lengths than what came with the Sharp unit packaging. When I measured and found out that the wiring which came with the ACs was more than enough, they surprisingly were at loss of words. 

But the actual horror story started when both ACs stopped cooling after 3 days of installation. I called the customer care of Sharp this time, as I was not confident that Dawar people can handle it. But Sharp's team told me they cannot help as Dawar has to fix these issues for first six months, which I found completely unreasonsable. Anyways, I went ahead and called Mr Naveen, and started the cat and mouse chase game which continued for one week after which Dawar's technical team found time to visit my home and investigate the issue. But forget investigation, they never had the right tools and left after re-filling the gas and told me they have "tightened" some nut and this problem will not happen again. I had no option but to beleive them.

As expected, the ACs ran out of gas after 4 days. But this time I was afraid to call Dawar, and was dreading another round of daily follow-ups just to make sure "Dawar's" incompetent team comes again and try to fix this recurrent issue. But again, I had no choice. Since everyone in my family is working, we requested Dawar to give us a fixed time so that one of our family members can plan ahead and go late or come early from office. This went on for next 2 weeks, till another person from Dawar visited us and told us that he will fill in nitrogen to check the leaks, if any. After he sealed the pipes, I asked him when he will come next to check for leakages. Surprisingly he told me he cannot visit till next week. Since I was at mercy of Dawar's I couldn't argue more. We waited, and waited, but no sign of that guy. We called on his number and his phone was switched off. We called the Dawar team's manager, Mr Manjeet, and realized what poor customer service means. He kept giving one or the other excuse and then stopped picking our phone.

I called the sales guy Mr Naveen, and he got me in conference with Mr Manjeet, who shockingly told us he is helpless as he cannot trace the guy who did the nitrogen filling work on our ACs. I asked him why he cannot send someone else. He stupidly replied that only the person who filled the gas can fix it. At this point of time my patience had given in and I was ready to file a case in consumer court. But Mr Naveen requested me to give some more time as he will escalate this matter (for the fourth time) and see if Dawar can send someone. Finally I blasted the one of the owners of this chain and then threatened them with a police and criminal case (420) and that's when Dawar magically found the same guy and sent it to my place to fix the ACs.

Finally my problem was resolved and I got working ACs, thanks to the involvement of Mr Naresh from Dawar Open World. I just hope Dawar learns from this and makes sure this does not happen with other customers. Mr Naresh has assured me that the company has taken my feedback positively and will take prompt action to make their post-sales processes consumer friendly.

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