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A case of cheating and fraud by Triumph India selling under-powered bikes | Personal Website : Vivek Thakur

A case of cheating and fraud by Triumph India selling under-powered bikes

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Sometimes I just cannot imagine how reputed brands can so arrogantly and confidently fool its Indian customers. The brand here in question is Triumph, one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and here is a story on how "low" they think of their Indian customers, brazenly fooling them with wrong specs and then putting up the cheeky "read the fine print" defence.

Triumph India started selling its motorcycles in 2014 in India, and the specs they distributed, from the Auto Expo in 2014 to Triumph India's official website, and the marketing material in each and every showroom in India, showed higher power outputs. For example:

1. Street Triple: 105 PS

2. Daytona: 128 PS

Even the official product booklet which comes with the bike when you get the delivery showed the above figures. Here is a screenshot from one of the pages of that booklet:

Before buying my Daytona 675R, I requested the dealership to send me the specs, and the specs they sent showed 128PS too.

Then suddenly one day Triumph India decides to change the power specs in its website, dropping around 10 PS for most bikes, but a massive 26PS for Street Triple! Confusion follows, with frantic postings across the different forums on whether it is some typo or Triumph India actually detuned these bikes. But this ARAI certificate for Triumph Street Triple cleared some air:

ARAI Certificate for Street Triple India

So the Street Triple was always under-powered (79 BHP) here in India! And Triumph India was fooling its customers showing higher EU specs. A lot of my friends who bought Street Triple instead of Kawasaki Z800 are feeling cheated.

Even I am feeling cheated even though the power output "theft" in my case is just 10PS. I immediately shot off an email to MD, Triumph India, asking for his thoughts on this issue. But he sent me a standard reply saying that all the documents and specs were already specific to EU and it was mentioned in the website disclaimer too.

I replied back: "You expect each and every customer to read the fine printed disclaimer and assume that the values are EU? How would we know the ARAI values?
This to me seems a clear case of "fraud". I am not pointing fingers, but just a small request: wear our shoes and assume you are a Triumph customer and all these things happen to you.
How would you feel? If you tell me you will NOT feel cheated at all, I rest my case.
Waiting for your reply,

I have not received any response from him, but many frustrated owners are thinking of taking legal action against Triumph India. My advice to future Triumph owners: Do not buy Triumph bikes as the company is not at all ethical and has actually cheated its customers selling under-powered bikes by labelling them with higher specs. Save yourself the trouble. I spent 13+ lakhs on my favourite super bike, and did not realize that I would be getting a lower spec Daytona 675R. If I had known earlier, I might have switched to some other bike. Triumph India robbed me of this freedom by falsifying facts so blatantly.


I just got information from trusted sources further confirming that Triumph India has cheated all Indian customers. Triumph India gave one of its bike to a popular media outlet. The guys there ran a dyno test, and were surprised to see lower power output. They immediately wrote to Triumph India asking them to correct the power output specs else they will "expose" them in media. That forced Triumph India to correct its website specs, else they would have continued to fool all customers.
"If that was the case then the million dollar question arises that why they have not mentioned the known detuned figures on the website? and why on the contrary they have showcased the European specs instead. This further led to misguiding the customers at the dealers end, as the dealers are also mentioning the same European specs with assertion without explaining the possibility of discrepancy in the technical specification."
***UPDATE 2****
Triumph India has kind of accepted their mistake and are willing to address all owners regarding this issue. That is certainly a welcome step.

***UPDATE 3****
Got a call from Triumph India, and they said they have published their official statement on this issue on their Facebook page. They said all Daytonas are sold with 128PS everywhere in the world, so Daytonas in India too are 128PS, it is just the testing procedure of ARAI and the fuel quality (91) which results in a 6-10 PS drop in power output. All Street Triples in India are the Brazilian 85PS models, which ARAI certified to be 79PS (for the same reasons). Triumph India's quote: "We understand that some confusion has been caused to our esteemed customers in relation to the aforesaid. We request our customers to kindly allow us some time to review and revert on the same." 

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Vivek, any updates on this issue? Did you get any satisfactory answer from Triumph? I was just planning to buy a Bonny when I just stumbled upon this and am totally pi**ed off now.
9/30/2015 12:52
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Yes, Triumph has compensated the owners of Bonnies and Streets for this wrong info. But all new bikes will continue to sell in the new advertised power configuration.
9/30/2015 12:57
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