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Rafting on a Rishikesh river - Nakshatra Resorts in Risikesh

Rishikesh for eliminating famous rafting on the River Ganges. About 30 km from Haridwar, a major pilgrimage center in the Inde, Rishikesh also a place for the Hindu holy. But adventure lovers, only Rishikesh class 4+ offers rafting, but many other adventure options COME Climbing, bungee jumping, kayaking, etc.

There are large rafting, in order to slightly increase the complexity:

1. Brahmpuri to Nim Beach (Rishikesh): The easiest of All Lines. Un aproxima général Duration: 7-9 km. Well the older members of the family EAT children who can not do more difficult to electricité stretch or are afraid of water. You will only get 1+ quick quality here. Also, this is the cheapest route to rafting costs.

2. Shivpuri a Nim Beach: Section 16 km qui with grade 4 fast. With good rapids you stretch gold golf and a slide. The rafting Voir an approximately 2 hour late stretch.

3. Marine Drive to Playa Nim: 26 km. You will find Fast Grade 3 Three Aveugles mice. There are other small Grade 3 FAST, which is quite fun. Hours It takes about 3-4.

4. Kaudiyala to Nim Beach: 36 km. It takes about seven hours. Only experienced beams let this prove. Star attraction is the Wall, a Grade 5 Rapida where 90% of the Tug boats in the water send them all :).

5. Devprayag un brin Nim: 2-3 diapositives. For the ADDICTS a raft and the professional beams. Voir takes your food, camping equipment, etc. with you a raft another.

While a raft your Guide will allow you to Swim some quieter places Gange partie, and even browse the body some of the grades 1-2. Nim near Beach a small cliff, where you can set off to taste cliff le saut périlleux.

Our trip

Voir planned a short trip joining Rishikesh in the last week of April 2011. We left Delhi on Friday evening. Because our taxi driver We had to Let us take Our own cars, That late voir diol account is not a very good option taking an account of the NH Traffic (National Road) 58. Take The best is a train from Delhi-Haridwar Then take a taxi, a camp a raft. Or better take a Delhi taxi from direct. Anyway, we leave Delhi Torno at 23:00 and on Friday night around 06:00 am Reached Rishikesh Suivante morning.

Our camp was a Byasi Rafing, about 26 km from Rishikesh. Its one hour, but there was a large slip the Terre to Half Way, near Shivpuri and three hours to the Police Highway to turn it off.

We arrived at our camp a Byasi around 8:30 a.m. The trip through the ere field was exhilarating and quite steep a few places. As we go by the river of the OIR trade ... roar and the sight of our Camp on the white sand refreshed our weary Souls. When we put them on a tent our tent is delayed on the way to the river. Our Field Guide, Sunil, I speak to us naturel jacuzzi of some points near the Riverside of the River where the tide voir subdued joins some Rock and I believe jacuzzi big pressure COME effect. We spent some time before returning to the Campaign Tents for breakfast.

Remain a decent Byasi and

The Shops were a good condition and the food was very good, much better than what I had other Campos during my stay there. Our field organizer, Sunil, ERA was quite helpful and told us the only thing we could do today. Options include Climbing, Hike to a waterfall, kayak, etc. We made the Rock Climbing session around the 17 heures, after which we end up loitering for Rio's Riverside. When voir set the sun, the whole atmosphere voir turned Beautiful. There is no Electricity available in most of the Fields (preserve for Nature) and you voir will surprise to see so many stars due to lack of light interefring and Little pollution. Few of us are very excited to see a lot of him Luciernagas Flying near the Rocks :)

Sunil had arranged for a Bonfire for us, and afterwards we had dinner there. Morning voir anterior I raise early voir preparation and for rafting. We took our bags with us as we had planned to rejoin depare Delhi Nim Beach, the point where the raft ends. The entire experience was a fantastic raft, and lasted about three hours. We crossed about 12 fast, some of them were Grade 4 Level. I had an interesting experience of falling in one of the 4th grade, fast, golf course. I sit in the middle row, and the moment we entered a fast, a big vole wave rushed towards me. I hit so hard that I had abolsutely time to react. At issue them second, I was pushed off the raft in the middle of the blazing fast. Our resorts website address - http://www.nakshatraresort.in/
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